About Us

About Us

Intrinsic Media was started by Steve Whitford in 2005. For more on Steve, read his profile.

From being a company offering straight writing and copy writing services, Intrinsic Media diversified into building portals for companies like the Johannesburg Centre for Software Engineering, Soul City and Telkom.

With a background as a journalist and through media relations work, Whitford honed the Intrinsic team’s ability in understanding the true value that its clients provide and communicating that value to an audience.

Given that many businesses have a niche value proposition that is not immediately understood by the marketplace, Intrinsic Media focused on assisting companies with their communication strategy and creating effective, powerful content to suit the intended audience.

This resulted in Intrinsic Media assisting clients in creating a wide range of content for internal and external use across various business units including website strategy, website development, social media strategy, sales documentation, case studies and so on.

Working across business units within companies revealed the need for companies to have a library of content which can be reused across business units on an ongoing basis. This not only saves time but money as well, because content does not have to be regenerated across business units every year.

We call this the centralising of content generation. You can read more about that here: How we centralise content generation.